E-Sports Coach

The E-Sport coach is a part-time position with a flexible evening work week schedule and occasionally on weekends. The E-Sport Coach will support student development in 4 main areas including self-leadership, education, wellness and future success. These focus areas are designed to teach middle-schoolers how to avoid risky behavior and how to be held accountable for good choices. These goals are accomplished through a variety of activities that are an integral part of the E-sports program such as participating in clubs, volunteering, and physical activity – all requirements in order to participate in the E-sports program. Tracking the participation of students in these areas will be essential to the program’s success. Candidates will need to know how to use Discord and be somewhat computer knowledgeable. For more information, please contact Quan Britt, Director of Youth Engagement at [email protected] or 814.535.8381 Ext. 224